Operational framework of the Mechanism

It will detail the objectives, requirements and allocated resources to diagnose business needs in the green sector.


Green sector analysis: Trends and changing needs

It will gather and analyse data on the technological, financial, and regulatory progress of the sector in the Western Balkans, focusing on how upcoming changes will affect the labour market, create new skills needs, and impact current professions.


Business needs’ diagnosis in the green sector

It will facilitate timely, targeted, and comprehensive diagnosis of the green sector’s needs and requirements in terms of specialisations, skills, and knowledge.

Handbook on bridging VET provision and the green business sector – Tools and methods to address green sector business needs into VET curricula

It will include all the necessary tools and methods to facilitate the incorporation of the Mechanism’s results into VET curricula, while also provide insight into other available links between VET and the labour market.

Guidelines for the development of VET Action Plans to adapt the curricula to the needs of the green sector

It will guide VET institutes throughout the process to adapt their curricula to the needs of the green sector, while at the same time incorporate digital resources to their training provision.

Training Programme for the development of digital microlearning resources answering the needs of the green sector

It will familiarise VET trainers with the concept of microlearning, offering the opportunity to validate their acquired knowledge and skills though certification (ECVET points).

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for VET trainers and staff

It will include resources of the Integrated Capacity Building Framework for VET and microlearning resources answering the needs of the green sector.

Individual VET Action Plans: Guidelines for the enrichment of the VET curricula

It will guide Western Balkans VET partners throughout their transition to updated curricula, while they will be kept constantly updated based on the findings of the Mechanism.

Digital microlearning resources answering the needs of the green sector

Western Balkans VET partners will develop a set of digital microlearning resources to adapt their currently provided courses to correspond to the identified needs of the green sector.

ADDUPT Dissemination toolkit

It will present the different dissemination tools of the project : visual identity, website, social media, e-newsletter, videos, graphic factsheets and brochure.