Addressing skills mismatching in the green sector through digital upskilling of VET

The ADDUPT project focuses on enhancing VET organisations’ capacity in West Balkan Countries, developing skills and knowledge to meet the green sector’s needs.

We want to strengthen VET by building qualification systems, improving learning quality, and continuously developing VET teachers and trainers, focusing on capacity building in West Balkan Countries to enhance vocational education’s effectiveness.

Through the ADDUPT project, we want to:


Reinforce the link between VET and the labour market of the emerging green sector.


Provide concrete guidance and individualised assistance to Western Balkans VET institutes that want to shift towards twin transition.


Improve the skills and knowledge of Western Balkans VET trainers and staff in developing digital microlearning resources in green-related topics.


Enhance the employability potential of Western Balkans learners through the improved capacity of the VET sector in providing training courses and learning resources that correspond to green sector’s requirements in the labour market.

To achieve this,
we will:


Assess the main needs and job requirements in the green sector.


Conduct workshops with experts of the green and VET sectors who will review, and assess the results of the need analysis, ensuring maximum level of reliability.


Develop and implement an integrated Capacity Building Framework for VET institutes to support them shifting toward twin transition and developing digital microlearning resources.


Provide VET action plans and digital microlearning resources answering the identified needs of the green sector.

In our toolbox you’ll find :

Operational framework of the Mechanism – Objectives, requirements and allocated resources to diagnose business needs in the green sector

Green sector analysis: Trends and changing needs

Business needs’ diagnosis in the green sector

Handbook on bridging VET provision and the green business sector – Tools and methods to address green sector business needs into VET curricula

Guidelines for the development of VET Action Plans to adapt the curricula to the needs of the green sector

Training Programme for the development of digital microlearning resources answering the needs of the green sector

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) for VET trainers and staff with resources of the Integrated Capacity Building Framework for VET and microlearning resources answering the needs of the green sector

Individual VET Action Plans: Guidelines for the enrichment of the VET curricula

Digital microlearning resources answering the needs of the green sector

ADDUPT Dissemination toolkit presenting the different dissemination tools of the project (visual identity, website, social media, e-newsletter, videos, graphic factsheets and brochure)