CESUR – Centro Superior de Formación Europa Sur (Coordinator of the Project) is a private VET centre as well as training for employment centre. As a VET center the organisation have 2 trainings: upper secondary education level (EQF 4) and tertiary education level (EQF 5). CESUR has been accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Employment to provide official training in Vocational and Educational Training (VET) as well as Professional Certificates (EQF levels 1, 2 and 3).

Albanian Center for Education Care and Training (Albania)

ACT Center (Albanian Center for Education Care and Training) is an Albanian non-profit organisation founded in January 2020. The mission is the development and social integration of marginalized categories, strengthening the capacities of children and young people through interactive learning method. ACT Center focuses on providing training through vocational training courses for youth and vulnerable groups.

Center for Economic, Technological and Environmental Development Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

CETEOR (Center for Economic, Technological and Environmental Development Sarajevo) was established in 1992 with the aim of providing support to the environmental, social, economic and technological development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. In the Education Department the organisation developed several expert training programs in the field of regulation of air emissions, air quality management, climate change, waste management, risk management, energy efficiency, local and EU legislation in the field of environment and energy.

Green Home (Montenegro)

Green Home is a non-governmental, non-profit and non-political organisation active since 2000. The organization was born from the need of great number of citizens to be involved in protection and conservation of environment, as well as taking an active role in civil society development through respect for biodiversity and efforts on sustainable development. Green Home has two field of focus : program for protecting environment and energy program.

Eurotraining Educational Organization (Greece)

Eurotraining (Eurotraining Educational Organization) is one of the largest Greek educational organisations of national scope, specialised in the provision of VET courses at tertiary level, as well as various other training opportunities for adults. Its main objective is to bridge the gap between labour market demand and offer, thus its services are highly adaptive to reflect the constantly changing circumstances. At the core of its activities, Eurotraining strives for inclusive education, particularly caring for people in vulnerable positions, through its participation in both national and EU-funded Projects. The organisation’s great impact on Greece’s VET sector is to a large extend due to the wide variety of training offers developed and provided (EQF levels 3-5).

CESIE (Italy)

CESIE is a non-governemental organisation committed to promote the cultural, social, educational and economic development at local, national, European and international levels. Through its International Cooperation department, CESIE aims at creating opportunities for economic, social, educational and cultural development local growth thanks to multi-level and multilateral process of knowledge-sharing, exchange of competences and joint work with Partner Countries. The will to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of UN 2030 agenda shapes the organisation’s projects.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry Tirana - CCIT (Albania)

CCIT is a juridical independant nonprofitable organization which exercises its functions pursuant to Law No. 9640 “On the Chambers of Commerce and Industry” passed by the Assembly of the Republic of Albania. CCIT is an important organisation in the country, with the highest membership number in Albania. CCIT has established the Centre of Research and Trainings for Business since March 2009 which provides support for business through personalized trainings.

Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Banja Luka Region - CCIBL (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

CCIBL is part of the Republika Srpska Chamber System, organized on the basis of the Law on the Republika Srpska Chamber of Commerce (Official Gazette RS 65/08). The Chamber is organized on the European tradition and model of the Austrian and German Chambers as a chamber of the socalled, continental type with obligatory membership. CCIBL is an independent professionalbusiness association of economic entities with headquarters in the Chamber’s area of activity.

Center for Social Innovation - CSI (Cyprus)

CSI is a Research and Development organization which focuses on fostering social innovation that can bring about a positive change to local, national, regional and global contexts. CSI belief, is that the four pillars of Social Interaction, Education, Development and Economic Rationalization coupled with fundamentally sound and sustainable solutions as well as disruption to streamlined solutions to systemic social problems can lead to creative solutions that impact significant change to the social fabric of every society.